Dear Friends

Welcome to the Center for Business and Social Research (CBSR).

CBSR has been founded at a time when our planet is facing an unprecedented crisis, which threatens the very existence of life. We are at a very crucial stage of human civilization when our planet is facing vital challenges that require a completely new approach to handle them effectively! The genesis of this crisis lies in the fact that humanity is at war with its own ecosystem, and it would be difficult for the current world order to find solutions to these crises – economic, ecological, social, political.

Since in most cases it is this world order that has created this predicament! We need to ideate, innovate, and relearn things to overcome the disaster. There is no place to escape, and we must face the challenges head on!

As CBSR embarks in its journey to play its part in stemming this crisis – towards achieving the goal of a more inclusive world — I am happy to share that it has been able to bring together a group of highly qualified, experienced, and committed professionals who subscribe to a common vision and passion for a common cause.   

The strength of CBSR lies in its ability to take up action-based research and knowledge sharing to serve its business and other stakeholders through appropriate partnerships with like-minded groups/individuals, wherever required.

CBSR’s specializations span broadly in the areas of:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Responsible Disclosures
  • Climate change and the Environment
  • Circular Economy
  • Gender issues
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Education and Training

CBSR provides solution-based consultancy, skill-based education, and stakeholder-focused services, in all the above areas including all their subsets.

In keeping with our main slogan, DEVELOPMENT THROUGH VALUE SHARING, CBSR is open to collaborate and share with everyone who has concern and commitment in the above-mentioned areas and would like to work for a change, passionately!

Prof. Manipadma Datta